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Study Vocational Education Courses in Australia

Australia It is a country that encourages and encourages his people to study vocational education. Certificate, Certificate and Diploma courses in Australia It will be offered in both government and private institutions.


government institutions Also known as TAFE (Technical and Further Education ) is a popular vocational education institution in Australia. And there are many fields to choose from. Suitable for vocational students or anyone who knows that they like a career and want to focus on this direction. Every Australian city has a TAFE located and offers vocational education. and business subjects that will allow students to continue studying until a bachelor's degree

Australians prefer to study in TAFE because of the completion of specialized courses here. can lead to a career immediately And the compensation of TAFE graduates is no less than that of those with university degrees.

TAFE is like a technical school, vocational vocational certificate, vocational vocational certificate in our home itself. When students finish high school and don't go to high school, they go to vocational school. If they graduate with a vocational certificate, it's equivalent to a 6th grade student can go on to pursue a bachelor's degree. Or if you still don't want to enter a bachelor's degree, after completing a vocational certificate, you can go to a vocational certificate for another 2 years, then you will get a diploma. Take this qualification to study at the university for another 2 years and you will get a bachelor's degree.

There are also certificate and diploma vocational courses offered at many private institutions. Each has different advantages and disadvantages. Private institutions have more opening days, such as four terms per year, and their classmates tend to be mostly international students. will make it easier to adjust

Vocational courses in Australia are divided into the following levels:

  • Certificate I-IV

  • Diploma

  • Advance Diploma

The certificate program aims to provide learners with Able to apply knowledge and abilities to work and be a pathway to further study at a higher level


Teaching will focus on practice. hands-on action more than theoretical learning


Students are legally able to work part time up to 40 hours per 2 weeks. However, students still cannot extend their work visa after graduation.

Examples of popular vocational courses in Australia

  • Hotel and Tourism Management Program

  • cooking course

  • Business Management Course

  • Beauty courses such as makeup and hairdressing

  • Social Work Program (Community Services)

  • medical course nurse

  • Virtual Arts Course graphic design animation

  • information technology course

  • Electrical Engineering Program

  • Child Care Course

  • Aged Care Course

  • Mechanic course (Automotive)

and there are many more







  • The average tuition fee is AUD $6,000 – $15,000 per year.

**Depending on the duration, course and institution, tuition fees in TAFE are higher than in private institutions.

Duration of Study

The duration of the course ranges from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the course of study.

Applicants' Qualifications

  • For most courses, applicants must be at least 16 years old and have attended high school or higher.

  • Take IELTS 5.5 or above, or evidence that English was used as the medium of instruction at the end of high school and achieved good grades in English at the end of the semester.


Those who want to study vocational but the language is not strong can choose to learn more English. Or you can take a foundation course in English.

If anyone wants to stay in Australia after graduating Choosing a vocational course will make it easier to apply for PR. for more details You can contact us via LINE of Boss Education & Visa below.


TAFE affiliated institutions

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