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Higher Education Study
in Australia

Australia has a number of world-class universities. Australia allows international students to find new experiences and try to utilise theier skills and knowledge at work after graduation . 

Bachelor's Degree

undergraduate For those who have completed high school, it takes 3 years.

Graduated Diploma/Certificate

Undergraduate level short term study Or a basic course before going to study at a master's degree

Master's Degree

master class Divided into two types: Coursework / Research takes a period of 2 years.

Doctorate Degree

PhD degree for those interested in research. The duration depends on the field of study.

Australia does not have a university entrance system. Admissions are based on high school grades or equivalent qualifications. In the case of an international student, the university determines the entry requirements for a bachelor's degree for students from different countries.


For Thai students who have graduated from Mathayom 6 and have excellent grades Some universities may accept admission to a bachelor's degree at all, and many institutions only accept students who have completed their first year at the university level. In the case of students with excellent academic results at the bachelor's degree level In the meantime, students can apply for a Bachelor's degree with Honors (Bachelor with Honors) for an additional year. The format of the Bachelor's Degree with Honors consists of both a lecture and a dissertation.


In the case of students who are able to pass the exam with first class honors They will be awarded a qualification equivalent to a master's degree, which will enable them to enter the doctoral program without having to study for a master's degree.

Universities in the Group of Eight, Australia

The Group of Eight (Go8), Australia's most prestigious group of universities, encompasses the academic and professional education of these eight universities. The Go8 Group of Universities aims to promote the contributions of member universities in the social, economic, cultural, environmental, wellbeing, and social environments. stay well And the prosperity of the 8 national universities, the special of the members of the group will receive help from the government. in finance It supports research more than any other university.


Universities in the Group of Eight Australia consist of:

1. Monash University

2. University of Western Australia

3. Australian National University or ANU

4. University of Sydney

5. University of Melbourne

6. University of New South Wales or UNSW

7. University of Queensland

8. University of Adelaide

Bachelor's Degree

Usually takes an average of three to four years of study. Many universities now offer courses in a so-called Combined Degree, where students can study two bachelor's degrees at the same time. By increasing the duration from a normal 3-year Bachelor's degree to a 4-year Master's degree.


Master's Degree

Coursework takes a period of 1-2 years. Some disciplines may study coursework without writing a thesis. Some branches may require some thesis writing. For a Master's degree in Research Systems, it is primarily research-based learning. It takes about 2 years.


Doctoral Degree

The study focuses mainly on research (Research) in some fields may have some components of coursework (coursework), not much. Duration of study is 3-5 years. Those interested in studying for a doctoral degree should have a master's degree in the field. same or close have a good background in conducting research in the field of interest acceptance as a student It depends mainly on the topic of research (Research Proposal).


English level

  • Bachelor's Degree with an IELTS score 6.0 or higher

  • Master's Degree with an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher

  • Doctoral Degree with an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher


If the score is not met, you can take the Direct Entry course. Depending on the grades obtained, the Australian semester opens in February. and July of every year.

Advantages of studying a bachelor's degree in Australia

  1. Applying for a visa has a high chance of passing when attending university.

  2. Work part-time unlimited hours during the semester break. and can do no more than 20 hours per week at the opening of the semester.

  3. After completing work, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate visa to continue working.

  4. More points will be awarded for asking for PR.







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