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Study English in Australia

English course type

English course Suitable for those who want to improve their English skills in daily life. or experience outside the classroom with international friends. which can be extended to study at a higher level.

This course is suitable for those who wish to continue their studies at a professional level. or a degree or higher This course will provide you with a solid preparation of English before moving on to higher level studies.

English for Exam

Suitable for those who are planning to study at a higher level. English language scores are required for enrollment.

Academic English

General English
General English course

Applying for General English, the institute will allow students to take a basic test.

Classrooms are arranged for students to live with classmates who have the same skill level and are ready to improve their language level at the same time. The language levels are divided as follows.

1. Beginner:  suitable for those who have a little to no basic knowledge of English language at all

2. Elementary:  suitable for those who can answer simple questions and can speak English slowly

3. Pre-Intermediate:  suitable for those who those who are able to communicate and have a basic understanding of  the English language

4. Lower Intermediate:  suitable for those who have confidence in communicating in familiar situations but cannot speak  English fluently when in pressure

5. Intermediate:  suitable for those who for those who have confidence in communicating in familiar situations  but cannot speak English fluently when in pressure

6. Upper-Intermediate:  suitable for those who can use the English language with confidence and  effectively in  various situations, and with minimal grammar errors

7. Pre-Advanced:  suitable for those who can communicate fluently. There are some mistakes in complex topics.

8. Advanced:  suitable for those who can speak English fluently. They are able to use various vocabularies and accurate grammar

Academic English
Academic English Courses

Academic English course also known as EAP (English of Academic Purpose),  is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their English language skills in academics. To prepare for entering vocational school or university level and above They will need to develop skills such as listening to lectures, discussion, reading article summaries, taking notes and writing assignments. It is an adjustment to enter the Australian education system. You can choose to study directly at the university. Or you can choose to study at a language institute that is affiliated with the university.

Conditions for admission

English language test scores such as IELTS, PTE or Cambridge are required. The results will be used to determine the duration of the course


  • you can use your grades for admission to the university right away

  • have adapted before entering the real education system


  • high cost

  • the course will be open in rounds, about 2 times a year only.

English for Exams

English for exams to bring scores to university or to apply for a visa. Classes will be taught. Techniques for taking the exam Conditions for applying to study Can advance from the General English class or take the same IELTS score, with each institution offering different courses, either IELTS or Cambridge.

The IELTS test structure is divided into 4 parts.
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